BSSC 7th Autumn Open Meet


Five Hoddesdon swimmers travelled to The Venue, Borehamwood, to attend the Bishop’s Stortford SC 7th Autumn Open Meet on the weekend of 17th & 18th October 2015. This was a Level 2 meet and, in line with the New Swimming Competition Scheme, ages were as at 31st December 2015.

On Saturday, Matteo Tontodonati (14) swam the 50 back (31.64) and 100 IM (1.11.27) to win Gold. He also came 2nd in the 400 free in a time of 4.48.81, 3rd in the 200 free (2.13.85, PB) and 4th in the 50 fly (31.72).

Lucy Hinks (12) and Marco Tontodonati (12) swam on both days of the meet.

Lucy’s Saturday race was the 200 back, where she came 6th (2.48.78), whilst on Sunday morning she swam the 100 IM (1.23.19, PB, 8th) and 100 back (1.20.64, 9th).

Marco achieved 2nd place in the 50 breast (42.68, PB). He also came 4th in the 50 back (36.67, PB), 6th in the 200 free (2.26.28, PB) and 100 back (1.18.07, PB) and 10th in the 400 free (5.15.25, PB).

Lily Merrett (12) swam on Sunday morning, achieving Silver in the 100 back (1.13.59) and 6th place in the 200 free (2.24.59, PB).

Ben Hunt, in the 15 & over age group, swam the 200 back (2.25.20, 5th) and 100 free (59.85, 12th).

Coach Manuela Teti said: “Our swimmers showed good skills in the water and this is a very good starting point at the beginning of the season to build their fitness and racing skills up. Well done and keep up the hard work!” 

Posted on 23rd October

Harpenden Legacy Meet

Harpenden Open Meet

Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th October


16 swimmers travelled to Harpenden over the weekend to take part in Harpenden’s Legacy Meet at the Venue in Borehamwood.

Unusually for us we had considerably more boys than girls at this meet, with 11 boys and only 5 girls! The meet was highly competitive with many swimmers setting their sights on county qualifying times.


Matteo Tontodonati and Ralph Davies competed in the 14 years age group, Matteo achieving a time of 5.20.48 for the 400 IM and achieving a Gold medal.

Ralph Davies achieved Gold Medals in the 50 Freestyle (28.22) and 50 Butterfly (31.79), both Personal Bests (PB’s) and County Qualifying Times (CQT’s) and 200 Freestyle (2.20.44) (PB)  He also competed in the 100 Backstroke 4th(1.15.29) the 200 IM 4th(2.44.15) Benjamin Williamson, Rhys Dolan and Ciaran Fahy were all competing in the 13 years age group. Benjamin finished the 400IM in a time of 5.56.70, a PB and this swim gave him a Bronze medal. He also achieved PB’s in the 50 Breaststroke 4th(42.69), 50 Backstroke 7th(37.97) 100 IM 5th(1.20.49) and 200 Freestyle 4th(2.27.52) Rhys achieved a Bronze medal in the 100 Backstroke with a time of 1.20.36. He achieved a PB time of 3.09.05 in the 200 IM(6th) , and another PB in the 100 Freestyle 6th (1.16.68). He achieved a further Bronze in the 50 Backstroke (39.19) and a time of 1.32.24 in the 100 IM. His final swim in the 200 Freestyle was a further PB 6th(2.53.13) Ciaran achieved a 1 second PB in his 50 Freestyle (9th44.05), 2.27.38 (4th)in the 100 Breast, and a 7 second PB in the 50 Butterfly 10th(54.21),

showing much improvement in his fly technique.

Marco Tontodonati, Elias Baluch, Dougie Grayling, Ellis Burroughs, Lara Fahy, Mollie Downes and Lauren Chandisingh were all competing in the 12 year old age group.

Marco came only to do the 400 IM, where he achieved a silver medal with a time of 6.11.41. Elias competed in the 50 Freestyle – unofficial time 36.71, due to a technical infringement, 100 Breaststroke 8th(1.50.35), a PB, and 50 Butterfly 5th (43.09). He did a 3 second PB in the Backstroke 6th (41.55) and a 1 second PB in the 100 IM,11th (1.35.11). Dougie did a 3 second PB in the 50 Breaststroke 7th (51.15) and a PB in the 200 Backstroke 5th(3.52.89).  His 50 Freestyle was a 4 second PB 11th(40.48) and an 8 second PB in the 100 Breaststroke 9th(1.54.95) underlined Dougie’s excellent improvements in both technique and stamina.

Ellis also had some good swims achieving a PB in the 100 Backstroke 8th(1.31.80) and a 7 second PB in the 100 Freestyle 13th(1.23.09). She achieved a further 1second PB in the 50 Backstroke (6th) and a time of 1.39.30 in the 100 IM (14th). Ellis showed some excellent technique and it was great to see her competing! Lara continued to show fantastic improvements in her times, achieving a 4 second PB in the 50 Backstroke 9th (45.53), a 10 second PB on the 100IM 16th(1.40.07) and a 25 second PB on her 200 Freestyle 6th(2.57.37) Mollie who had only competed recently in these events, reinforced her PB’s with some very good swims: 100 IM 9th(1.34.27), 200 Freestyle 8th(3.05.79), 50 Freestyle (37.38) and 50 Fly (42.23) Lauren achieved a 7 second PB in her 100 IM,10th (1.40.15) and a massive 16 second PB in her 200 Breaststroke 7th(4.00.88).

Jake Williamson, Reuben Chandisingh and Bella Parkus were in the 10 year old age group. Jake competed in just two races, the 50 Breaststroke 5th(1.15.78) and the 50 Backstroke 9th (56.55), where he achieved a 9 second PB. Reuben achieved an 8 second PB in the 50 freestyle ,7th (47.86). He also recorded a time in the 100 Breaststroke of 2.06.71. Bella recorded a time of 43.33 in the 50 Backstroke, and this swim was rewarded with a Silver medal. She also achieved a 19 second PB in the 200 Freestyle (3.07.88) to achieve a Bronze medal, and a 20 second PB in the 200 Breaststroke 5th(4.09.76). She achieved a further PB in the 50 Freestyle 4th (37.79) followed by another good swim in the 100 Breaststroke 5th(1.54.49).

Sid Parkus a 9 year old swimmer, competed in the 50 Freestyle where he finished 7th andachieved a Personal Best time of 47.09.


Andrew and Mary both agreed it was great to see the swimmers’ technique and skills improving as the new season starts. The swimmers were very well behaved, a credit to their parents, and competed in a relaxed but very focused manner. Well done all those swimmers who took part!






Posted on 8th October

7th Hoddesdon Open Meet

7th Hoddesdon Open Meet

Saturday 19th September 2015


I would like to start this report by mentioning all the people who made this meet possible:

Manuela Teti for her impeccable organization and time and effort to make this a truly excellent meet

The Volunteers without whom the meet would not run at all – Chris and Helen Tate on the door, the Stewards and Marshalls, the AOE operators and results team and the refreshments team.

The Officials who again are volunteers and who give up their free time to make the Open Meet fair to all competitors, and allow us to achieve our Licensing; Jackie Harvey for organizing all the officials.

Swimmers and Parents for supporting the meet, as without your support our Club would not continue to flourish

Coaches all the work you have done to help our swimmers become better and faster swimmers.

The meet ran very smoothly, and there were some excellent swims throughout the day across all age groups. Over half the swims were personal bests, and considering this meet is very early in the season this was an excellent result.

Ellie Bostock, Molly Cobbold, Lily Rogers, and Sid Parkus all competed in the 9 years category. Their best results were Ellie Bostock1st 50 Freestyle (38.37), Molly Cobbold 1st 50 Butterfly (48.11) and 1st in Backstroke (44.28), Sid Parkus  3rd 50 Breaststroke (1.02.80) and 4th 50 Freestyle (46.95) and Lily Rogers, making her debut in competition who took 14th place in the 50 Freestyle (50.55). Well done to all these young swimmers and we look forward to seeing more of you in the future!

In the 10 year old age group Bella Parkus, Isobel Short, Sam Reynolds, Sam Nouroozpoor and Jake Williamson all competed.

Their best results were Sam Reynolds 1st 100  Breaststroke (1.50.51), and 3rd 100 IM (1.41.33) Sam Nouroozpour who was 15th in the 100 Breaststroke (1.10.31), Jake Williamson 17th 50 Freestyle (49.87) Bella Parkus who was 1st 100 IM (1.35.28), 1st in 50 Backstroke (43.62), 2nd in 50 Butterfly (43.14) 2nd in 200 Freestyle (3.10.26) and Isobel Short  who finished 3rd in 100 Freestyle (1.42.46) and 5th in the 50 Breaststroke (54.05).

There were only two 11 year old swimmers from Hoddesdon taking part in the meet, Charlie Cole and Max Amos. Charlie finished 1st in the 200 Freestyle (2.52.94), 1st in the 50 Backstroke (41.68) and 2nd in the 100 IM (1.32.52). Max took over in the evening session, having his best result in the 100 Backstroke (2.02.33) where he came 3rd.

The 12 year old age group was well represented by Lara Fahy, Mollie Downes, Anthony Rollo, Ethan Biggs, Scott Carpenter, Marco Tontodonati, Elias Baluch, and Dougie Grayling.

Overall, this group showed massive improvements in times and must all be congratulated for their hard work and effort which has resulted in these improvements.  Lara Fahy achieved a massive 52 second Personal Best in her 200 I M to finish 6th (3.31.79) and followed this with PB’s in the 50, 100 and 200 Freestyle, where she finished 7th (2.59.42). Mollie Downes finished 5th in the 50 Butterfly (43.17), and achieved PB’s in the 100 and 200 Freestyle. Anthony Rollo achieved his best result in the 200 Freestyle with a personal best time, a PB and a 3rd place (3.32.45). Dougie Grayling  achieved a 9 second PB on the 100 Breaststroke (1.52.17) to finish 9th, and he achieved 9th in the 50 Backstroke with a further PB (52.03). He also did PB’s in the 50 freestyle and 50 Breaststroke. Elias Baluch finished 5th in the 50 fly (41.38), achieved a 3 second PB in the 100 Breaststroke and finished 4th in the 100 IM (1.34.67), a new PB time. He also PB’d in the 50 Breaststroke (51.12) and 100 Freestyle (1.25.95). Ethan Biggs  a member of the Triathlon Club, achieved a good PB in the 200 Freestyle to finish 4th in his age group (4.15.45). Scott Carpenter, also a member of the Triathlon Club, showed that hard work and patience do pay off achieving some excellent results; A 7 second PB in the 200 Freestyle to finish 2nd (2.59.99), a 10 second PB on the 100 Breaststroke to finish 3rd, a 2 second PB in the 100 IM (1.34.22)to finish 3rd, 2nd in the 200 IM (3.25.28) a 7 second PB, PB in the 50 Freestyle, 50 Breaststroke and 100 Freestyle rounded off the meet for Scott.  Marco Tontodonati continued to show improvement across all areas of swimming: 4 second PB in 200 Freestyle (2.32.12), PB and 2nd in the 50 Fly (38.77), 3rd in the 50 Freestyle (32.63), and1st in the 100 Backstroke (1.20.54).

The 13 year olds attending this meet were Ciaran Fahy, Rhys Dolan, Benjamin Willamson, Dominic McCarthy, Eleanor Short, Abby Morgan and Kay Perry.

Ciaran Fahy achieved a 3 second PB in the 200 Freestyle (3.14.65) to finish 2nd in his age group, he achieved a 3 second PB in the 100 Breaststroke, and a 5 second PB in the 100 IM to finish 5th in a time of 1.55.94. Rhys Dolan, also a member of the Triathlon club, came 1st in the 200 Freestyle (2.45.20) 2nd in the 50 Fly (42.63), 5th in the 100 Breast (1.42.95) a PB, and 2nd in the 50 Backstroke (38.05).

Benjamin Williamson achieved a 7 second PB in the 200 Freestyle (2.27.90), a 2 second PB in the 50 Butterfly(36.64) to finish 1st in his age group, a 2 second PB in the 100 Breaststroke(1.32.69) to finish 3rd, and a 2 second PB in the 100 Freestyle (1.09.79) to finish 3rd. Dominic McCarthy achieved a 3 second PB in the 200 freestyle (2.31.93), a second place in the 100 Breaststroke with a time of 1.31.39, 1st in the 100 IM(1.21.50), 3rd in the 50 Free (32.38) and 4th in the 100 Freestyle with a PB of 1.10.69.Eleanor Short who, due to a knee injury, withdrew after the 50 Free achieved a PB in this event . with a time of 37.71 to finish 9th in her age group. Abby Morgan came 4th in the 50 Breaststroke with a time of 46.29. Kay Perry had a very good day with many good swims, 2nd in the 50 Free (31.03), a PB, 2nd in the 50 Breast (42.52), 3rd in the 100 Freestyle with a new PB of 1.06.3, and 200 Freestyle (2.23.35) also a PB and 1st place. Kay also came second in the 100 IM(1.17.76).

14 year old competitors were Alex Heal, Jessica Callaghan, Ralph Davies and MatteoTontodonati. Alex, who is relatively new to competition, swam some good PB’s finishing 4th in the 50 Breast (46.24), achieved a 3 second PB in the 50 Freestyle (34.94), and 5th in the 50 Butterfly (41.99). Jessica Callaghan was 4th in the in the 50 Freestyle (31.11), 3rd in the 100 Backstroke (1.18.52), 3rd in the 50 Breaststroke (45.08) 1st in the 50 Butterfly (35.91) and 2nd in the 50 Backstroke (36.05). Ralph Davies came 1st in the 50 Breaststroke (38.22), 2nd in the 100 Backstroke (1.13.72)and achieved a time of 1.03.13 in the 100 Freestyle. MatteoTontodonati achieved 1st in a new PB of 1.24.88 in the 100 Breaststroke, and also came 1st in the 200 IM(2.32.23). He was 2nd in the 50 Breaststroke (40.14) and achieved a time in the 100 Backstroke of 1.08.33 and.31.21, a new PB in the 50 Backstroke.

Older swimmers supporting this meet were Chris Smith (19), Becky Freestone (17), Ryan Brewster (16), Ben Hunt (16) and Georgie Pryor (17). Most swims were time trials, but Becki Freestone came 1st in the 50 Breaststroke (40.15) 2nd in the 100 Breaststroke (1.26.48) and 3rd in the 50 Freestyle (30.91). Ben Hunt came 1st in the 100 Backstroke with a small PB time of 1.04.58,  and 2nd in the 200 IM(2.28.97), whilst Ryan  was 4th in the 50 Fly (31.81), a PB,  2nd in the 100 Breast (1.21.81),  2nd in the 100 IM (1.12.32) and 3rd in the 200 IM(2.35.97), 2nd in the 50 Freestyle (27.48) and 3rd in the 50 Breaststroke(38.10).

Well done to all those swimmers who took part.

Looking forward to a fantastic season!









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Fantastic End of Season for Hoddesdon Swimmers

The new end of season British Championships took place across six days at Ponds Forge in Sheffield from 28 July to 2 August.  Hoddesdon Swimming Club had three members competing Grace Harvey (MC), Amy Godsave representing Hoddesdon SC and Georgina Pryor who represented the London Aquatics Centre.

Amy Godsave (16) swam three events, winning a silver medal in the final of the Womens Open 50m Freestyle improving her place and time from the heat swim (Heats 26.85 Final 26.67), Amy also bettered her time in the final of the 100m Freestyle finishing 5th place (Heats 58.37 Final 58.02), and she finished in 13th place in the 50m Butterfly with a time of 29.18.

Grace Harvey (17) qualified for two events the 100m Backstroke and the 50m Freestyle reaching the finals in both events Grace also managed to improve her time each time:  Womens MC 100m Backstroke S7 in the Heats she swam 1:33.15 ranked 9th and in the Final swam 1:32.32 finishing in 8th place; Womens MC 50m Freestyle S7 in the Heats Grace swam a time of 36.14 ranked 9th again and in the Final swam 36.02 and finished in 7th place.

Georgina Pryor (17) also won a silver medal this time in the final of the Womens Open 50m Butterfly, Georgie also improved her time from the heat swim (Heats 29.74 Final 27.65).

Head Coach Mary Wright said “The swimmers have worked extremely hard all season and now that hard work is paying off.  All three swimmers train jointly with another club and we believe this enables them to reach their full potential at the right time of their development.  Grace trains with Team Luton and Pete Woodbridge and Amy and Georgie train with Lisa Bates at the London Aquatics Centre and we would like to thank them for working in partnership with Hoddesdon SC for the good of the swimmer.  It is also great that our swimmers' success at the top levels helps inspire all our younger swimmers. ”

The ASA National Summer Championships followed on immediately after the British Summer Champs (4 – 9 August) and provided an exciting week of swimming with over 1,400 young athletes competing at the Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield.  More than 280 Clubs took part over the six days of competition, with almost half winning at least one medal.  Swimmers competed across five age groups and in multi-classification races.

Hoddesdon Swimming Club was represented by Grace Harvey and Charlotte (Lottie) Mills in the Multi-Classification races.  Both girls have the condition Cerebral Palsy, however, have different classifications: Grace is S7, SB6, SM7 and Lottie is S8, SB7, SM8.

At the ASA National Summer Championships Grace Harvey came into her own where she broke her own British Record for the 200m Individual Medley (SM7) twice (4th), won three gold medals, and came 5th place in the 100m breaststroke final.

Grace smashed her own British Record in the Womens MC 200m Individual Medley by 4 seconds; Heats 3:19.36 and then improved it frther in the Final with 3:17.78 finishing in 4th place.  She won three gold medals in the Womens MC 50m Butterfly (1:17.02), 100m Freestyle (1:16.56) and in the 400m Freestyle (5:47.55).  In the Womens MC 100m Breaststroke SB6 Grace swam a personal best of 1:57.57 claiming a place in the final ranked 6th place and improved the place and time by swimming a new pb of 1:56.56 and finished in 5th place.

For Charlotte Mills (14) this was the first time she had competed in the ASA Nationals and qualified for the Womens MC 50m Freestyle.  Lottie swam a 3 second personal best time of 45.76 and finished in 22nd place.

Janet Warrington said “It is a brilliant finish to the season, I am very proud.  We are now looking forward to seeing how Grace does in the CP World Games which starts on 12th August in Nottingham.”

British Summer Champs 2015
ASA Summer National 2015


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John Ryan and Ian Wimpenny

Hoddesdon SC Masters


Sunday 3rd August Ian Wimpenny and John Ryan Master Swimmers from Hoddesdon Swimming Club travelled to Rother Valley Sheffield to compete in the Nationals 3k Nationals Open Water Masters Competition. 

The water temperature was 18 degrees and for this British Swimming ASA Event competitors are not allowed to a wear wet suit.  Ian decided to swim in the water as part of his warm up routine to aclimatise his body, however John decided to keep warm and use the first part of his race as his warm up!


Ian's wave started before John's and from the start he was close to the lead swimmer in a chasing pack.  Coming out of the water in overall 4th place Ian finished 1st place in his age group winning the gold medal and swimming the 3K in a time of 41 minutes 03.6 seconds.  The overall winner swam the 3K in 39 minutes 03.6 seconds; exactly 2 minutes in front.

John swam the 3K distance in the same time as last year 52 minutes 23.3 seconds claiming the silver medal in his age group.



Janet Warrington said "The water temperature was a worry to both Ian and John, but when they got out they both said it was actually okay.  I am extremely proud of both of them and so pleased they achieved the times they wanted.  I am now looking forward to the ASA National Masters and Senior Age Group Championships October in Sheffield to see how Ian does there."

Full set of the 3K results can be found here

More news on the Open Water Event can be found here.

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Podium Positions for HTC Pair

Writtle College in Chelmsford played host to the Discovery Triathlon, and with it the latest round of the East Region League competition.  This course is designed to test all ages and certainly had spectators watching in anticipation.  With the exception of Tri Start who competed in a run-bike-run format, all other categories included a lake swim, a wet and bumpy bike course and finished off with a hilly run.


Rachel Carpenter and Hannah Bates

The juniors had quite a few newcomers competing in their very first triathlon and they were made to feel at ease by their teammates, coaches and parents alike; a philosophy this club continues to believe in.

With conditions expected to worsen, each one took on the challenge and they all put in exceptional performances with each triathlete picking up an individual medal for finishing the course.  There were additional awards for Hannah Bates and Rachael Carpenter and who both finished in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

For Oliver Gates, Alastair Murray, Jasmine Bidwell, Dawson Whitelegg and Bohdi Bywater; this was their first competition they had entered into and they all came back with positive comments, and with the season well underway they are already looking forward to the next event.

Ben Willis and Rachael carpenter started proceedings in the Tri Start category competing in their run-bike-run race. Sprinting away from the start line Ben ran with happiness and steadiness always looking to be precise about each aspect of his race, coming home in 5th place.  Rachael too started her run scrutinizing her fellow competitors and attacking when it was time, to finish in a podium 3rd place.

In the boys section of Tri Star 1 was Jack Markham, Tommy Liddiard, Dawson Whitelegg, Bohdi Bywater, Harry Eagle and Callum Madden.  Whilst the temperature in the water was cold each boy swam with great determination all coming out of the water ready for transition to bike, even when there was a 100m run between swim and bike. After completing the bike course and finally the run section they all crossed the finish line with great times, placed in 5th, 6th,7th, 8th 10th and 11th respectively.

HTC Juniors


Names and placings

Tri Star 2 saw Jasmine Bidwell and Emma Quinn up next; so off to the lake – the horn is blown and away they go.  After a tough swim and the rain starting to fall the course is now getting heavy but onto the bikes they go racing away onto a soggy course. After the second transition the run section takes them up a demanding hill and along the lake, and back to cross the finishing line achieving 9th and 10th position.

In the same category was Scott Carpenter, Sam Willis and Ethan Biggs who, like the girls, had it tough however each one pushed themselves to the limit to finish in 11th, 12th and 16th place.

Tri Star 3 saw Paige Mangelshot in amongst some strong competition but Paige battled elegantly showing great spirit to finish in 11th place.

Rhys Dolan, a regular to these events, was joined by Oliver Gates and Alistair Murray both competing for the first time in this sport. Rhys, with his swimming background, enjoyed his swim to finish overall in 9th gender position.  Oliver and Alistair’s swims showed great character and although a new sport to them, they appeared to complete the course with ease, although both would probably say differently.  Both boys finished the race very close together in 13th and 14th place.

Last to go was Hannah Bates, Sophie Biggs and Tom Willis in the Youth category.  Hannah continued her season with another top position finishing in 2nd place taking home a glass trophy however she was quoted saying “that was tough.”

For Sophie Biggs who finished in 10th place the bike element was possibly the hardest she has ever encountered with the grass course throwing up cuttings into the brakes making braking hard work.  This was the same for all the juniors but apart from ‘Devil’s corner’ they all rode the course fearlessly and finished.

Tom Willis showed great maturity after a strong swim but unfortunately for him he did one less lap on the bike than required but to be honest, the course was now at cycle cross standard and although he ran fast he knew he was going to be DQ’d.

So onto the next event and another chapter to be written soon.

HTC Junior Coordinator Peter Biggs;  "Hoddesdon Tri Club took it's largest team ever to a junior tri event, and this was a particularly challenging event with a lake swim and tough weather conditions.  The training the juniors have had at Lee Valley White Water Centre since May have helped them handle the open water swim, which they all swam with confidence.  There were also great cycling and running performances, and the results from the triathlon have been turned into scores as part of the Eastern Regional League, which our Juniors are performing well in with more events to come."


Posted on 21st July



On Saturday 4th July 2015 our team of junior swimmers travelled to Stevenage to compete in the final round of Peanuts 2015. Hoddesdon SC competed in the second division of the League this year; other clubs present at the gala were Hatfield, Bushey, Tring, Ware and Royston.


Despite the challenging warm weather and the time of the year, with children at the end of the school year and swimming season, 36 Personal Best Times, 11 first, 9 second and 11 third places were achieved.


Hoddesdon SC came 2nd on the night and 3rd overall in Division 2 for 2015: this will leave us in the same division next year, which we strongly believe offers the right combination of competition and fun for our younger swimmers, with some moving their very first steps into the competitive world.


Final placements on the night were: 1st Hatfield (136points), 2nd Hoddesdon (141), 3rd Bushey (153), 4th Tring (190), 5th Ware (194), 6th Royston (203).


Full results can be found here.

Posted on 8th July


Hoddesdon’s 2nd Sprint Meet proved an extremely popular event, and provided an action packed afternoon and evening and giving Hoddesdon swimmers many reasons to celebrate.

Twenty-five Hoddesdon swimmers participated on the day, and many of the swims were personal best times for the swimmers, showing their continued improvement over the course of the season. There were many medals and lots of excitement for the relays and skins.

The Skins event, based on the fastest times swum in the 200 IM event, was medley based this year and was made even more exciting by having no less than 4 swimmers from Hoddesdon in the Boys’ event: Harry Williams, Ryan Brewster, Ben Hunt and Matteo Tontodonati. The first two selections of Backstroke saw Harry and Ryan leave the competition, whilst Matteo and Ben survived a three further rounds of Backstroke, Butterfly and Breaststroke. The final two rounds were also Backstroke, with Ben leaving in 3rd place, and Matteo, in the most exciting final round, beating Daniel Lush of Cheshunt to win the Final Heat. Daniel had won all previous heats, so went away with plenty of prize money!

The girls competition was won by Adele Hall of Hillingdon, beating Olivia Pawson of Cheshunt in the final Heat.

The Boys Junior 4 x 50 Medley Team of  Rhys Dolan, Dominic McCarthy, Ralph Davies and Marco Tontodonati finished second in a time of 2.26.48

The mixed Junior 4 x 50 Freestyle Relay Teams were Jess Callaghan, Lily Merrett, Dominic McCarthy, Ralph Davies who came second in a time of 2.04.51 and Ellie Godsave, Ciaran Fahy, Marco Tontodonati and Bella Parkus, who came 6th with a time of 2.26.88

The Boys’ Open 4 x 50 Medley Relay of Matteo, Ryan, Ben and Ralph came 3rd in a time of 2.12.41

The Girls Junior 4 x 50 Medley Relay of Libby Dunford, Jess, Lily and Ellie came 2nd in a time of 2.20.49, whilst the second team of Bella, Izzy Short, Molly Downes and Eleanor Short came 4th with a time of 3.08.74

The Mixed Open 4 x 50 Freestyle Relay of Ryan, Carly, Libby and Matteo finished third with a time of  1.53.26


It was great to see our 9 year old swimmers participating in this Open Meet, and Isobel Short, Isabel Hinks and Molly Cobbold all showed great potential for the future.

Molly Cobbold achieved a Gold medal in the 50 Backstroke with a time of 44.01 and a Bronze in the 100 Backstroke (1.40.37). She also came 5th in the 100 Freestyle (1.37.10) and 5th in the 50 Butterfly (50.59)

Izzy Short won a bronze in the 100 Breaststroke (2.03.72) came 5th in the 50 Breaststroke, 7th in the100 Freestyle (1.41.03) 8th in the 50 Backstroke (51.27) and 12th in the 50 Freestyle (47.48)

Isabel Hinks came 5th in the 50 Backstroke (47.87) and 7th in the 50 Butterfly (50.69)

Bella Parkus, competing in the 10 year age group came 4th in the 50 Freestyle (37.41), 5th in the 100 Backstroke (1.36.27), 6th in the 100 Freestyle (1.23.78) and 12th 50 Breaststroke (54.90). Bella swam 4 PB’s in 4 events. Well done Bella.

Swimming in the 11 year age group were Lucas Ferrandes, Daniel Nooroozpour, Mollie Downes and Lucy Hinks.

Lucas, who in new to competitive swimming, participated in the 50 Breaststroke, and shows great potential for the future, despite a technical infringement preventing him from getting a time on this occasion.

Daniel who is also still new to competitive swimming, came 9th in the 50 Backstroke (47.86)  and 11th in the 50 Freestyle (44.03)

Lucy collected a Silver in the 50 Butterfly (38.60) and a Bronze in the 200 IM (3.03.86) and 50 Backstroke (37.75) whilst Molly who returned from an exhausting residential week came 8th in the 200 IM (3.29.64)18th in the 50 Backstroke (44.70), 9th in the 50 Butterfly (44.56), 14th in the 100 Freestyle (1.25.76) and 17th in the 50 Breaststroke (55.55). Molly still managed some very good PB’s despite her tiredness. Well done all of you.

The 12 year age group fielded six swimmers: Lily Merrett, Eleanor Short, Libby Dunford,  Rhys Dolan, Marco Tontodonati and Dougie Grayling.

Lily claimed Gold in the 100 Butterfly with an astonishing PB time of 1.10.98. Her swim is ranked in the top 10 in the country for a 12 year old. She added to her collection of medals with further Golds in the 100 Backstroke (1.13.04)and 50 Freestyle (30.44), and Silver in the 50 Backstroke (33.81) the 50 Butterfly (32.05) and the 50 Breaststroke (42.05). Team mate Libby won Gold in the 50 Backstroke (32.60), 50 Butterfly (31.94), 100 Freestyle (1.03.34) and 50 Breaststroke (39.72). Again Libby’s 100 Freestyle swim gave her a top 10 ranking for the country. Eleanor, who has just returned to competitive swimming after a break, achieved some really good Personal Best times – 100 Breaststroke (1.45.45) 6th, 50 Breaststroke (47.29) 7th, 50 Backstroke (43.76) 10th.

Marco swam a massive 7 second PB to claim his first Gold of the meet in the 200 IM (2.53.65), he won a further Gold in the 50 Backstroke (37.57) a silver in the 100 Backstroke (1.22.89) and bronzes in the 100 Freestyle with a 5 second PB (1.11.31) in the 50 Breaststroke (44.84) and 50 Freestyle (32.55). Rhys who is also a keen triathlete and runner, won a Silver in the 50 Backstroke (37.61) and swam an excellent 4 second PB in the 100 Freestyle (1.15.27) to finish 4th. He also came 5th in the 50 Breaststroke (48.00), 6th in the 50 Butterfly (42.79) and 8th in the 50 Freestyle (35.07). Dougie swam several huge PB’s during this meet; a 12 second PB in his 100 Backstroke (1.56.50) to finish 5th, an 11 second PB in the 100 Freestyle (1.35.62) to finish 9th. He was 6th in the 100 Breaststroke (2.03.03).  He also PB’d in the 50 Breaststroke (54.16) and 50 Backstroke (54.07)to finish 9th in his age group,  and achieved a small PB in the 50 Freestyle (44.10) to finish 14th. Well done, all progress in the right direction!

Representing the 13 year olds at this meet were Ellie Godsave, Jessica Callaghan, Abby Morgan, Ciaran Fahy, Dominic McCarthy and Ralph Davies.

Ellie came away with two silvers and three bronze medals from her 5 swims: Silvers were for 100 Freestyle (1.07.04) and for the 50 Breaststroke (42.81)

And Bronzes for her 200 IM swim where she knocked 10 seconds off her previous time to record a time of 2.50.02. She won further Bronzes in the 50 Butterfly (35.53) and 50 Freestyle (31.67).

Jessica won Gold in the 50 Backstroke (35.53), Bronze in the 100 Freestyle (1.08.75)and 100 Backstroke (1.18.66), 4th in 50 fly (35.85) and 50 Breaststroke (43.39) and 5th in the 100 Breaststroke with an excellent 4 second PB (1.34.41).

Abby made it to the meet for the second session, where she did some good PB’s: 7th in the 50 Breaststroke (45.03), 12th in the100 Freestyle (1.19.40), 15th in the 50 Freestyle (36.20)

Ciaran successfully completed the 200 IM in a time of 3.55.90, which placed him 5th in his age group. He finished 10th in the 100 Freestyle (1.31.17), a 5 second PB,  11th in the Backstroke (51.33) and 16th in the 50 freestyle (45.52).

Dominic was 7th in the 100 Freestyle (1.11.41), 4th in the 50 Breaststroke (42.52), 4th in the 100 Backstroke (1.21.90) and 50 Backstroke (36.44), 5th in the 100 Breaststroke (1.35.49) and 11th in the 50 Freestyle (32.80)

Ralph did not put a foot wrong all day, starting his afternoon with a Gold in the 100 Freestyle (1.02.94), and following it with another in the 100 Backstroke (1.12.53) and a third in the 50 Butterfly (31.79). He won gold in the two evening events entered of 100 Breaststroke (1.23.52) and 50 Freestyle (28.22). An excellent result!

Matteo Tontodonati (14 year age group)

Won a handful of gold medals at the meet: 200 IM (2.31.15),  50 Breaststroke (38.87),  100 Backstroke (1.08.16), 50 Backstroke (31.61), and 50 Freestyle (28.25). He also came 4th in the 100 Breaststroke (1.29.06). The icing on the cake was of course his win in the Skins Event! Well done Matteo!

Ryan Brewster and Carly Bays (15 year age group)

Carly won Gold medals in the 100 Butterfly (1.08.72), and 50 Butterfly (31.07), and 100 Freestyle (1.02.41) and also a Bronze in the 50 breaststroke (38.33)

Ryan  won a Silver in the 100 Freestyle with his first sub minute swim (59.94) and another Silver in the 50 Breaststroke (36.21), a further Silver in the 100 Breaststroke (1.21.24) was 5th in the 200 IM with a 9 second PB (2.30.45) and 6th in the 50 Butterfly (32.06) and 50 Freestyle (28.11) Well done Carly and Ryan.

Ben Hunt and Harry Williams (16 year age group)

Harry achieved Bronze medals in the 200 IM (2.29.72), 100 Freestyle (1.00.11), and 50 Butterfly (30.21). He also made the final of the skins competition.

Ben won Gold in the 100 Freestyle (59.07) and in the 100 Backstroke with an excellent PB of 1.04.61, a Silver medal in the 200 IM with a 10 second PB (2.28.99) and a further Silver in the 50 Backstroke (30.72), a Bronze in the 50 Breaststroke (36.60) and 100 Butterfly (1.10.68), 4th in the 50 Freestyle (27.47) and 5th in the 50 Butterfly (30.21)

Overall there were 40 personal best times swum by Hoddesdon swimmers.

Joint Head Coach Mary Wright said: “it was great to see all the hard work the swimmers have put in this season paying off and I hope it gives them encouragement and determination to carry on the good work next season.”

Joint Head Coach Janet Warrington said: "I want to say a big thank you to all those who help put this event on the volunteers, officials, coaches and of course the swimmers and their parents!  The event is very special and I particularly love watching the skins and relays.  Well done everyone."

Posted on 6th July

HTC juniors tame choppy waters

On Sunday 24th May three Hoddesdon Tri Club Junior boys travelled the 80 miles to Graffham Waters to compete in their first ever open water aquathlon. What an introduction it was - the temperature of the water was a chilly and choppy 15.5 degrees however the event, hosted by Nice Tri, was marshalled excellently with even a few of the officials getting in to help those who found the water hard work braving the elements too.

Unlike a pool run event each category lined up together which made for some exciting viewing.

Boys line up for start of the race

Robin Kettle and Scott Carpenter in Tri star 2 battled hard against the cold waters and following strong swims carried this through in transition and ultimately running the second part of the course with great determination to finish  9th and 12th respectively.


      Robin Kettle                                Scott Carpenter


Rhys Dolan Tri star 3 also showed great spirit racing up against some strong, older competitors and also stayed in the main pack of swimmers before putting in a fast transition and finally chasing down a few more places to finish 12th overall.

Rhys Dolan

Tim Dolan said "All three boys should be proud of their first open water event and with the extra training at the Lea Valley White Water Center the future will only get better for them and the club as a whole."

Robin, Scott and Rhys

Posted on 12th June

Peanuts 2015 Round 2, 06/06/15

Hoddesdon Team

Hoddesdon junior swimmers travelled to Stevenage on Saturday 6th June 2015 to compete in the 2nd round of the Herts Peanuts Swimming Gala.

The junior team achieved a total of 58 new personal best times, won twelve races, finished 2nd place in nine and 3rd in six finishing overall in 2nd place on the night.

Individual 1st places were achieved by Bella Parkus (25m Freestyle – 16.3 and 25m Butterfly – 18.36); Lucy Hinks (25m Backstroke – 16.58, 25m Freestyle 15.03); Molly Cobbald (25m Freestyle 18.1); Lily Merrett (50m Backstroke – 34.11, 50m Butterfly 32.19); Isabel Hinks 25m Backstroke 21.75); Charlie Cole (25m Butterfly 16.65); Libby Dunford (50m Freestyle – 30.26); Izzy Short (25m Breaststroke 25.5).

The Relay 1st place went to under 13’s Girls 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay Libby Dunford, Maggie Whyper, Lily Merrett and Amy Bishop.

Andrew Woodhouse Coach and Team Manager said “I am really pleased the swimmers produces substantial personal best times across the board proving our sprint work has clearly paid off, setting us up for a really exciting final round on Saturday 4th July 2015.”

Overall Team positions:  1st Bushey 134, 2nd Hoddesdon 151, 3rd Royston 162, 4th Tring 163, 5th Welwyn Garden City 198, 6th Buntingford 209.

Full results are available here

Posted on 9th June

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