Mission Statement

The club aims to encourage the local community to participate in swimming whether for fitness or competitively. The programme aims to provide the right environment so that every member is given the opportunity to develop their skills and reach their full potential. 

There are opportunities for members to compete at club, county, regional, national or beyond, depending on their own ability, and for people with disabilities the chance to swim for fun or compete at disability events, regional, national, or Special Olympics. 

A voluntary run sports club there is the opportunity for members to develop personally by volunteering as a committee member, coach or official.

HSC is proud to be a coach led programme with the full support of an active General Committee.

Coaching Team

Accredited to the ASA Clubmark scheme swim21:


Skills Development

Masters Foundation

swim21 documents can be found here.

The coaching team places great importance on their members achieving the correct swimming technique at the fundamental stages and therefore ensures their coaches are qualified to the highest level and continue to develop their knowledge and skills as they coach.  

HSC is proud to have three UKCCL3, eight UKCCL2 and three UKCCL1 who are working towards Level 2 and five volunteer poolside coaches gaining experience in order to start taking their coaching awards in their Coaching Team.  The Coaching Team work together for the whole club with a holistic approach ensuring their members can reach their full potential whether that is in swimming, triathlon or coaching.  

The coaching team are encouraged to sign up to the County CoachMark Scheme which is recommended by the Hertfordshire County Council.


HTC is an affiliated member of the Triathlon England.

The Club works in partnership with Hoddesdon Swimming Club, Broxbourne Sports Club (Running Club) to provide access to training in all three disciplines.  

Like their sister club HSC great importance on coach qualification and development with coaches both  qualified in BTF and Swimming to Level 2 and CoachMark registered.


Disability Swimming
click here to go to our dedicated page for Disability Swimming

(Competition/Disability Swimming)

HSC is a County Assessment Centre for British Disability Swimming.  A fully inclusive club with representation at International Level.  If you have a physical, sensory or learning disability and love swimming contact us now.

Sunday Disability Swimming Session Flyer

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Special Olympics
Special Olympics East Herts is a branch of Special Olympics GB within the Eastern Region.  Hoddesdon Swimming Club is proud to have been the first SOEH community club which started in 2009.  Today SOEH has over 20 different sports, physical activity and social clubs/groups in the area.  Special Olympics is for people who have a learning disability and aim to provide all year round training and the opportunity to take part in competition.  HoddSC/SOEH hosts two swimming galas (April and October).  These galas are Regional Competitions.  

In August 2013 the National Summers Games were held in Bath and the Aquatics is going to be held in the new pool in Bristol.  Janet Warrington is Head Coach for the Eastern Regional Aquatics Team.  In 2014 Janet was appointed as GB Aquatics Head Coach and went with a team of eight swimmers to Antwerp, Belgium to compete in the European Games.  The World Games are to be held in Los Angeles in 2015.

Hoddesdon Swimming Club works closely with the Borough of Broxbourne and provides two Disability Swimming Sessions on a Sunday one at The John Warner Sports Centre, Hoddesdon (4-5pm) and the other at The Laura Trott Sports Centre (Cheshunt) (4:15-5:45pm).  Both sessions are free to people with a disability and their familes/carers.  If you swim in these sessions and have a learning disability and want to compete in the SOEH Eastern Regional Gala's at Hatfield please talk to Janet who tries to make the sessions if she isn't at another competition!

Special Olympics East Herts Swimming Flyer


As a Voluntary Sports Club the club is reliant on volunteers.  At HSC the volunteering programme offers people the opportunty to volunteer and gain experience.

Contact us now if you are

at school working towards their Duke of Edinburgh or Junior Sports Leaders Award

interested in becoming an Aquatics Teacher or Coach

interested in qualifying as an Official

want to support your child(ren)'s club

or think you can help in any other way, we are always looking for fundraising ideas and sponsorship.


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