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Hoddesdon Swimming Club is a County Assessment Centre for Disability Swimming. This means a qualified coach will meet with you, assess your swimming skills and ability and be able to recommend different competitive pathways open to you.  Assessments are usually done during one of our Sunday Disability Swimming Session (click here for the information flyer).   Contact: Janet Warrington if you are interested in being assessed or want more information.

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British Para Swimming Pathway

If you have a Physical, Sensory or Learning disability you may be eligible to be Classified and compete in Regional, National and International compeititions. Grace Harvey is classified currently as S7, SB6, SM7 and Lottie Mills is classified as S8, SB7, SM8 both girls have the condition Cerebral Palsy and both girls have been on Talent Programmes.  Because their condition deteriorates they have to be classified every few years.  If you have a Physcial Disability you will be classified between S1 and S10 (S1 being the most disabled and S10 the least disabled).  S12 and S13 are used if you have a Visual Impairment or Blind, S14 is used if you have an Intellectual (Learning) Disability and to be eligible for this you have a test which shows you have an IQ of 75 or lower and S15 is used for Hearing Impairment. 

Once assessed you will be asked to complete an ID Tracker which means that British Swimming then know you are there.  When you are ready to be classified you then need to complete the Classification Application Form.

What happens next?  You will then be invited to attend a Classification Day which includes an assessment on land, in the water and then you have to take part in a Swimming Competition for the final observation.  In the morning you will be checked over by the Doctor to see how you move on land, then a Technical Coach and the Doctor will look at your swimming skills in the pool. At this point they 'provisionally' give you an Classification, however you still need to race and show them how you swim under pressure in a competition, after they have seen this, they will agree and finalise your Classification numbers.  If you don't agree you have the right to appeal.

ID Tracker
ID Tracker (large font)

Classification Application Form



Special Olympics East Herts

Special Olympics East Herts is a branch of Special Olympics GB within the Eastern Region.  Hoddesdon Swimming Club is proud to have been the first SOEH community club which started in 2009.  Today SOEH has over 20 different sports, physical activity and social clubs/groups in the area.  Special Olympics is for people who have a learning disability and aim to provide all year round training and the opportunity to take part in competition.  HoddSC/SOEH hosts two swimming galas (April and October).  These galas are Regional Competitions.  

In August 2013 the National Summers Games were held in Bath and the Aquatics is going to be held in the new pool in Bristol.  Janet Warrington is Head Coach for the Eastern Regional Aquatics Team.  In 2014 Janet was appointed as GB Aquatics Head Coach and went with a team of eight swimmers to Antwerp, Belgium to compete in the European Games.  The World Games are to be held in Los Angeles in 2015.

Hoddesdon Swimming Club works closely with the Borough of Broxbourne and provides two Disability Swimming Sessions on a Sunday one at The John Warner Sports Centre, Hoddesdon (4-5pm) and the other at The Laura Trott Sports Centre (Cheshunt) (4:15-5:45pm).  Both sessions are free to people with a disability and their familes/carers.  If you swim in these sessions and have a learning disability and want to compete in the SOEH Eastern Regional Gala's at Hatfield please talk to Janet who tries to make the sessions if she isn't at another competition!

Special Olympics East Herts Swimming Flyer

Other Competitive Patways are also available for Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome and the Deaf or Hearing Impaired.

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